Парфюмерия Escada

Fresh and bright flavors Escada will be a great addition to your image, which excites its unpredictability and storm of emotions. The aromas captivate you with its violent colors and ease. The air aroma of Escada will envelop you with its tenderness and softness and will give you a feeling of summer coolness and amazing freshness. Each fragrant bouquet will create a completely exclusive perfume that will win you from the very first notes.

Each bottle is exquisitely decorated in bright colorful colors, which will give a lot of joy and positive and paint your life with lush colors of the rainbow. Original design, luxurious perfume composition, a sense of celebration and celebration – all this is embodied in every elite bottle of your loved ones

Escada released its first fragrance in the 90th century, which immediately gained popularity and won the hearts of millions of fans of the perfume industry. A woman with an extravagant perfume from Escada is a strong-willed person who strives for freedom and wants to achieve everything from life. The owner of these spirits is unpredictable in her decisions, relaxed and independent.

Scents Escada for women.
The name of the German company Escada is associated with the name of the breed of horses, which are so loved by its founders. The hard work of the founders of the company was associated with the manufacture of sportswear, which very soon turned the company into a successful fashion house and increased its popularity due to the luxurious and fashionable outfits, which appeared famous celebrities. No less luxurious addition to the chic and stylish image were perfumes that more accurately emphasized all its charm and femininity.

Among the variety of flavors, each woman will find her own individual, which will suit her status and age. Beautiful fresh flavors will remind you of an unforgettable summer vacation that you spent on a Sunny beach, on the beach, basking in the hot sun, and will give you a feeling of lightness and gentle coolness. The marine theme is revealed in a fresh series of marine fragrances that will create a bright and joyful mood. Beautiful floral arrangement will conquer you with its sensuality and passion. These fragrances are ideal for day use (for office, or for walks), and for evening (for romantic dates, fashionable parties). Perfume Escada for women Escada Especially Elixir Escada Escada for Woman, Escada Especially Escada, Escada Magnetism, Palazzo Fendi, Escada Especially Delicate Notes, Escada Into the Blue Escada Pacific Paradise Escada Rockin’ Rio. A woman who owns a perfume from Escada, will certainly become a charming temptress of men’s hearts.

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