Парфюмерия Givenchy для современных женщин и мужчин

A woman who has perfume from Givenchy, impeccable in his style. This is the embodiment of femininity and grace, it is airy and attractive, its image will captivate its uniqueness and charm. Such a woman is soft and gentle, it is a romantic nature that is excitingly beautiful and seductive. Women’s fragrances Givenchy: Givenchy’amarige Givenchy Ange Ou Demon, Givenchy, Ange Ou Demon Le Secret.

The tenderness of the fragrance will emphasize the feminine in every woman, reflecting her sexuality and sensuality. Perfumes from Givenchy will open your inner beauty, which is in harmony with the feminine charm and mystery. Givenchy fragrances are chosen by modern women and girls who follow fashion trends and style.

The French designer, of course, did not forget the men for whom he created his magnificent fragrances. A man with perfume from Givenchy-always elegant, fashionable and stylish. He is successful and confident in his abilities, he is a free man with a sober Outlook on life. Such a man like women, he captivates her heart with his courage and energy. Men’s fragrances Givenchy: Givenchy Play Leather Edition: Le Parfum Couture, Givenchy Insense Ultramarine Ocean Cup, Givenchy Play intense, Givenchy Play Summer Vibrations Givenchy Pour Homme, Givenchy Pour Homme Adventure.

The original combination of notes of white musk, patchouli and Turkish rose will reveal in a man his rich inner world, emphasize his individual style and character. The man possessing elite spirits from Givenchy is an ideal of the modern woman in whom at the same time there lives the gentle dreamy romantic and the ardent passionate lover.


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